Forest City FC


In 2017, the Canadian Soccer Association sanctioned the Canadian Premier League (CPL).  This is a Tier 1 soccer league that will begin in the spring of 2019. For their inaugural season, seven teams will face off across Canada. Teams include York, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Halifax. There are also talks of expanding the league to even more teams. Cities such as Moncton, Regina, and Quebec City have all shown interest. It’s important to note that another city, London, Ontario should not be ruled out.  This is a city which has deep roots to soccer through the Croatian Club, German Club, Marconi Club, League1 Ontario, and city leagues.

  • School Project
  • Sports (Football/Soccer)
  • Branding
  • February, 2019
FCFC Crest

When it came to the design of the crest I found that to match a modern and static logo it would be best to have a conservative amount of detail and imagery. The main icon is the tree that has 46 leaves to represent the 46 neighbourhoods within the city. The colours of the crest are forest green and gold. One to represent the Forest City and the other to represent the brewing history. underneath the team name lies the city motto. Labore et Perseverantia, when translated to English is Labour and Perseverance.