Infinite: Dating and Friendship App

Digital Design

When people get older, it becomes difficult to make new friends or find new relationships.  As well, the dating app world severely lacks exclusive dating apps for this minority. Although many popular apps such as Tinder and OkCupid allow people to search at ages 50 plus, they attune to younger ages. This is where Infinite comes in.  It is an app designed specifically for people aged 60 and up to start new relationships or friendships.

  • School Project
  • Application/Dating
  • Digital Design/User Interface
  • March, 2018

The logo had to be something that was simple and be turned into an icon. It also had to relate to the name Infinite. To do this, a heart was used and where the heart curved at the top. It was removed and replaced with an infinity symbol. This is to represent the longevity that relationships and friendships can give.