ROLI Rebrand


ROLI is a music technology company based in London, England which makes touch-sensitive keyboards and launchpads that produce unique sounds depending on how hands rotate and flow across their products. The sounds can be tailored to suit each artist. Each keyboard resembles the same configuration as its competitors. However, a silicone coating allows the user to have full control over pressure, key, timbre, and pitch just from one finger. Artists like Grimes and Hans Zimmer use their products in their work today.

  • School Project
  • Music Technology
  • Branding
  • April, 2018

The final logo is a derivative of upper and lower case characters. However, it still retains its readability as a custom display font. each curvature is based off a circle. This is to represent the hand flow across the products to create new and unique sounds. It is black to stay true to the industry and culture of electronic music, it also allows great contrast for other pairing colours. The logo reflects the brand’s ideology of simple, innovating, futuristic.